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Watch The Gaps Infographic

Watch The Gaps Infographic

A very alarming percentage, which is 91, of the business leaders believe that Americans do not possess enough skill as they should be. 500 US senior executives were surveyed and 44% of them think that soft skills are where the Americans lack. Soft skills are defined as the skill to communicate, be creative, collaboration and critical thinking. 22% think that Americans lack technical skills, 145 think that they lack leadership skills and 12% think that the Americans need to concentrate on the genre of software. The survey also dealt with the industries that are affected by the skill gaps. 30% felt that the skill gaps affected the manufacturing industry the most. 19% think it is professional services, 21% technology, 4% construction, 11% healthcare, 12% engineering, 2% finance, and leisure.

The lack of skills may result in downfall of investment in US is what 64% of people think. Other problems of skill gap are that 44% of companies do not have chances to grow because of the lack of skilled labor. The reason for the lack of skill was accepted as the US education system by 59% of the people. 54% think that the education system has no measure to teach the skills. 89% also think that training and corporate apprenticeship can help in improving these skills.

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