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Top Smart Watches For Your Wrist Infographic

Top Smart Watches For Your Wrist Infographic

A smart watch does more than telling the time, like tracking fitness activities, downloading apps, playing music, recognizing voice commands, and notifies calls, messages and emails. Pebble available for $150 lets you connect to your smartphone using Bluetooth, has Android 2.3, iOS 5, and apps that are connected to the internet. This is a standalone watch. Smartwatch by Sony has features like Android 2.3+, lifestyle and fitness apps in Google play and is available for 200 USD. The TOQ from Qualcomm is available for 300 USD. This is a customizable smartwatch that shows digital time. As the battery is on the band the screen is flat and this is a light in weight and slim watch. I’ m a Watch is available for $349 has Android 4+, iOS 4+, and is available on different color straps.

Metawatch Strata enables connection to smartphone via Bluetooth. This features Android 2.3+ and iOS 6+. It has a 5 TM water resistant body and is available 7 colors. Meta Watch Frame comes for $229. This water resistant watch comes in black or white, and features Android 2.3+ and iOS 6+. It can be customized to 4 screens with 4 widgets each. Costing $299, Galaxy Gear from Samsung has 1.9 MP video and camera and can be used to make phone calls. The Rebel from sWaP costs $140. You can connect it to the smartphone with Bluetooth connectivity. A SIM card can be used, has a handsfree kit and camera and video.

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