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Top Brands In Twitter Infographic

Top Brands In Twitter Infographic

Notebook of Love, Disneywords, ESPN, Playstation and Disney are some of the top brands in Twitter. If we take into account the total number of engagement per post then you would than around thousand four hundred for Notebook of love, thousand for Disney words, eight hundred for ESPN, Five hundred for playstation and four hundred for Disney. The post volume for notebook of love is one thousand five hundred, one thousand six hundred for Disney words, five hundred for espn, two hundred for playstation and sixty seven for Disney. There are approximately four million followers for notebook of love, two million for disneywords, six million for ESPN, one million for playstation and Disney.

A recent survey showed that there are around seven million tweets every month which comes out to a huge figure in terms of character counts. Every six minutes there are little content posted. The best brands have millions of followers. However, there are many brands which do not have so many followers which show a mix match.

Survey also shows that the rush hour was between two to five in the afternoon especially on Wednesdays. More than seventy percent to content is shared via photos and videos.

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