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The War On Warehouse Costs Infographic

The War On Warehouse Costs Infographic

Online ordering of products has become more popular and the companies are striving to make the task easier and smoother with efficient packing and ruling out wastage. The companies like to improve in terms of warehouse running costs, enhancing stock levels, accurate inventory records, efficiency in taking orders and fulfilling them of all these, the cost of running the warehouse is the concern of the companies. Pick and pack has become a significant part of the businesses. However, many have different views on the same. A major part call it time consuming. 17% call them easy, 25% call it fiddly.

The major problem in stocking the goods in the warehouse is that many find that either these items are to be thrown away or sold at a discounted price. This is because they are lingering in the warehouse for a very long time, which means the inventory is higher and chances of making profits out of the item is lower. However, a major part of the companies call it a rare problem, a slightly lower percent call this happens sometimes and for a few companies this never happens. A very few companies that call it is a significant problem.

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