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The Road Trip Checklist Infographic

The Road Trip Checklist Infographic

There is a list of road trip checklist that will help a great deal when there are plans of going on a trip. The checklist presents the basic necessities that are needed while going out on a trip. Drinking water, snacks, food, ice, cooler, toys and games for kids, camera, charger, laptop, laptop charger, iPod, Mp3, prescription medications, vitamins, sunscreen lotions, motion sickness remedy, hotel confirmation letter, insect repellent, email addresses, sunglasses, sewing kit, first aid kit, extra keys, Money, blanket, pillows and towel should be a must in the checklist.

Before starting for the trip, it is necessary to check the vehicles engine level. The car battery should be in good condition. The vehicles coolant should also be checked. Servicing the vehicle is a good idea as this will ensure no major repairs or damage to the vehicle. Vehicle’s registration and tags should also be checked. Having a spare tire in the vehicle is also essential. This will help in case of any tire damages during the trip. Tire pressure should also be maintained and therefore make sure the pressure is appropriate. Budgeting for the trip is also a great idea as this will help in minimizing any unnecessary expenses.

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