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The Many Hats Of Community Manager Infographic

The Many Hats Of Community Manager Infographic

Community managers are involved in every decision taken in an organization. They are involved in a variety of roles some of which include marketing assistants and service reps. Although the role of a community manager is challenging, they need to make it easy. Some of the key roles throughout the day that are undertaken by community managers are they detect customer issues, escalate them and apologize to the end user for bad experience. Community managers need to cheer up and promote events. They need to engage the employees in various events. They also have to act as translators and have to bridge the gap between the customer and the team members. They should be able to analyze, read and optimize metrics. Community managers should deliver tough news during difficult times with lot of diplomacy and this is definitely an art that they possess. They also have the talent to write blogs, articles and announcements in facebook.

They play a vital role in reducing the support costs, increasing the customer acquisition and drive product innovation. Based on the report taken recently, community managers put more than forty hours of work on a weekly basis. Community manager’s role is important for an organization.

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