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The Love Connection Infographic

The Love Connection Infographic

The love life can contribute to the physical health to a great level. The oxytocin which can cure migraine and chronic back pain is increased 5 times before the orgasm. Intercourse twice per week can boost the immune power. The same can be helpful in controlling breast cancer. Also, it brings down the risks of mortality compared with those who reach an orgasm just once a month. The physical intimacy with spouses also brought down the blood pressure levels. There are also other health benefits that involve the improved sense of smell, loss if weight, no depression, enhanced dental cleanliness, good reproductive rates, undisturbed sleep, improved beauty, and improvement of overall health.

While improved relationships can help, the strained relationship has adverse effects. During the argument with the spouses or partners, the wounds take more time to heal as the body’s ability to heal is brought down. Premature death is also high in people, who live alone. Also, transitions of partners in men increase the risk of cancer and in women the mental health is affected and can increase the risk of mortality. In separated couples, higher cholesterol levels and insomnia were found. The more happier the couples are the better the health is.

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