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The Benefits Of Owning A Dog Infographic

The Benefits Of Owning A Dog Infographic

There are several benefits of owning a dog. The most important benefit is that a dog at home improves your fitness levels as you are forced to take it out for a walk on a daily basis. Patting a dog helps in lowering the blood pressure. It is believed that infants have lesser chances of having eczema when there are dogs at home. Dogs help in detecting early warning signs of a seizure. It is found that people who have dogs at home tend to recover faster from illness.

Dogs are great means of getting out of loneliness and improving the self-esteem. Hyperactive and aggressive kids can be easily calmed by having a dog at home. This is because playing with dogs elevates the levels of serotonin and dopamine. Dogs have the capability of reading the body language, and emotions of human beings. They are intelligent and are loyal species that have a great sense of smell, sight and hearing capacity. They play an important role in home security and help in preventing burglary. However, dogs need to be given special attention as they need a lot of care. They have to be trained and fed unlike other pets.

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