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The Battle Of Facebook And Google+ Infographic

The Battle Of Facebook And Google+ Infographic

Maintaining personal relationships with family and friends, finding a common ground of interest and matches are the main purposes that social networking sites such as Facebook and google+. Facebook is found to have more than six hundred and sixty five million active users. Surveys conducted have shown that the active user base grew by twenty six percent from 2012. Besides, Google+ is found to have three hundred and fifty million active users and the active user base has grown by thirty three percent from 2012.Facebook has fifty five percent of female users out of which thirty percent are between the age of 25 and 34. Google+ has seventy one percent of male users with fifty six percent between the age group of 45 and 54.

The main features of these social networking sites that have driven so much of traffic and increased the user base include reasons such as easy accessibility via mobile phones, graph searches, hangouts, targeting and segmentation of circles and of course presence of SEO content. Facebook and Google+ can be effectively used to improve your personal connections, receive friend referrals, delivery of information, and improve your contacts with the help of regular conversations. Top brands such as CocaCola, Angry birds, MTV are having an account in these social networking sites.

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