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The Anatomy of an Agency Infographic

The Anatomy of an Agency Infographic

Various professions shape various individuals the way they are! It is very natural that an engineer’s lifestyle and habits and day to day activities will differ from a teacher! They may have come from the same background, studied in the same school and so on! But ultimately profession shapes up a individual in a way that is best suited to it.

In this infographic we see a number of very interesting day to day activities of people from different professions, how they differ from each other in simple day to day activities like sitting, working and so on!

While an accountant spends most of his time on the phone, a developer leans over his desk with his headphone on at full volume while a copywriter snoozes away most of the time! We can go on about this all day how people from one profession differ from the other. Coming to bad habits, art directors are sure to be seen to shake the mouse in a crazy manner when Photoshop crashes, a finance professional will pull out his company visa at every chance he gets while a copywriter will judge other writer’s headlines all day long and a developer keeps debug code in a code that is pushed live.

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