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The Anatomy Of A CEO Infographic

The Anatomy Of A CEO Infographic

If you want to become a CEO or want to be like one then you need to study the art. There is a huge gap between the fortune 500 company CEO’s and the employees especially the power and prestige that the CEO gains. This leads to many questions such as are higher level authorities born that way?.

Studies conducted to find a answer to this question have shown that many of the CEO’s are first kids. Only thirteen African and American have been able to reach to this height and out of these thirteen only six are active. The best part is that Ursula Burns is the only first African American among the fortune 500 CEO’s. In 2012, surveys show that there were twenty female CEOs. It is also found that fortune 500 company CEO’s are tall and white and most of them are named as Peter, Bob or Jack. Women CEO’s are likely to have names such as Sally, Cynthia or Deborah. Many of the top CEO’s are from prestigious colleges which include Harvard, Columbia University and University of PA. Although there are a lot of arguments on the compensation of these CEO’s, majority of them have worked hard for this position. Age group of fifty to sixty is found to be the leadership spot. Studies reveal that more than sixty one percent of the CEO’s have started a company in the past and the rest of them are having plans to start one in the near future. However, without overcoming challenges and facing failure it is impossible to reach such great heights. Leadership skills are the basic necessity for this position.

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