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Social Tools In Workplace Infographic

Social Tools In Workplace Infographic

Social tools enhance and improve productivity to a great extent. According to a recent survey conducted, more than forty six percent of the work force in a company feel that these social tools are of great necessity to improve the productivity. The management however, are still in dilemma on how these tools can help.

Social tools are normally used for communicating with colleagues, reviewing, sharing documents and also for communicating with customers. The major use of social tools is to communicate with colleagues followed by sharing and reviewing documents. Security concerns and productivity loss are some of the top concerns of high level management. However, there are a minority group who have ignored the IT policies and installed social tools in their office PC’s. They feel that they should spend money even if it is their own if the tool adds value to the job. There is slight difference in opinion on how people feel on the collaboration levels of the tools with the workplace job.

While taking a survey in three countries around fifty six percent in Latin America, sixty percent in Asia pacific and thirty seven percent in Europe felt that social tools help in enhancing productivity in workplace.

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