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Rihanna – The Rise of A Pop Star Infographic

Rihanna – The Rise of A Pop Star Infographic

Born as a shy child, in St. Michael, Barbados on February 20 1988, Rihanna found a way to prove her skills by performing and singing for her friends. She also won the beauty pageants in the school. In the year of 2003 she formed a girls group with 2 of her friends, and met Evan Rogers through common friends. Rogers and Rihanna joined hands to perform. She started recording after she moved with Rogers and his wife in America. Her first single is Pon de Replay was released in this year. She was sent Demos to record the labels by Rogers.

In 2005, she signed a record for 6 albums with the label. On the very day of release her album S&M was banned in 11 countries across the world. Her album Music of the Sun was released this year. In 2006 April, the album A Girl Like Me was released. Her other singles like SOS and Unfaithful became peak numbers in the US billboard. In 2006 came her screen debut with Bring it on: All or nothing. Rihanna is the first woman to have more than 2 million views in YouTube. 2007 brought awards and accolades to Rihanna with the Grammy awards, MTV video awards, and Monster single of the year. In 2009 Rated R was released. In 2010 Rihanna won the second Grammy award. In 2011 she was named sexiest woman alive, and in 2012 again her album peaked US Billboard, which was Diamonds. In 2013 Rihanna launched the fashion line at London Fashion Week.

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