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Practice Makes Perfect Infographic

Practice Makes Perfect Infographic

It is a known fact that practice makes a person to be perfect. Experts state that about 10,000 hours of rigorous practice is to be given. Some believe that talent or innate genius is required for success, but the truth is the number of hours put in practice gives success, which means anyone can achieve their goal with proper effort and practice. For becoming an expert, it does take 10,000 hours of deliberate practice. Deliberate practice should include practicing the skills, constantly strive for improvement, monitor the performance, evaluate success and work on different aspects, which the person is not good at. It does not involve mindless repetition, teaching other people, watching experts performing, working only in the specialized area and staying within the comfort zone. In about 8,765 hours present in a year, the person having a full time job tends to work for about 2,080 hours/annually. Instances can include the likes of Bill Gates and The Beatles. Young Bill had joined the first computer program in 1968, at the age of 13 and dropped out of Harvard to launch Microsoft in 1975, which is over 10,000 hours. However, it is possible for a person to hire a coach, surround himself with likeminded individuals, develop expert habits, not waste time on small things, deliberately practice, teach others and have someone to monitor their workings.

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