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Monitor Your Online Reputation Infographic

Monitor Your Online Reputation Infographic

Here are a few things that you should be doing to protect your brand reputation.Online reputation management is the information that is found in the web. This information requires your continuous monitoring and participation. Online reputation management plays a vital role as it is found that more than eighty seven percent of the customers turn to the reputation of your company’s CEO for judging the company. Ninety percent of the end users turn to the reviews of other customers and users to judge the company’s reputation while fifty nine percent of the managers are influenced by the online reputation.

The first steps to monitoring online reputation are to identify your reputations. This would involve the company name, names of CEO and other high profile individuals, products sold and many others. The second step would be to quantify the audience. These include the customers, investors, business partners, employees and bloggers. Understanding the goals is the major task involved during monitoring and this includes potential attacks, product feedback, competitive intelligence and copyrights. It is necessary to specify your needs and what you expect from monitoring. This would in turn require you to specify alerts, influence, sentiment and reporting.

There are several tools that can be used for monitoring. The main activity that you should be actively monitoring is to crowd out negative impressions and build a proper attractive online account.

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