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Math And Reading Infographic

Math And Reading Infographic

Always the scoring in maths is higher than other reading scores. While everyone can be happy about this, the reading skills should be focused on. The skills of the 5thgrade students were lacking in 2012 and the almost all the seventh grade students were proficient in mathematics and they belonged to the low income group. The same scenario prevailed over in the reading skills. The results found in Troy Prep School in Albany were also found in the other schools in the district. After 2 years of shooing the proficiency in maths increased to 86% and the reading scores were 66%.

Compared with the high income group of people, the children who are in the low income group, had heard words of 32 million lesser. Also, there are more than 10 million kids who are not native English speakers and are immigrants. The same pattern can be seen in the SAT scores. Of the 1.6 million students who attended the exams, only 43% scored sufficient to attend the college. The students from low income group lack in vocabulary, health care and also face hunger. As per the No Child Left Behind law, the lower level students are not allowed to expand the limits and the proficiency is not expanded, which is also another reason for the fall in the scores.

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