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Mac vs. PC Infographic

Mac vs. PC Infographic

The world market share for PC/Windows is about 89.2%, while Apple/Mac is enjoyed just by 10.8%. Among 388,315 Hunch users responding to the question on being a MAC person or a PC person, about 52% used PC, 25% Mac, while the remaining 23% did not use any of them. PC users are said to be 22% likely to be in the age between 35 and 49, while 22% of Mac users are between the ages of 18 and 34. 18% of the PC users reside in the suburbs, while 21% in rural areas and about 52% of Mac users reside in a city. 36% of the PC people are liberal while 58% of Mac people are liberal. While 54% PC users have completed 4 year college degree program, the same can be said for 67% of the Mac users. 23% of PC users seldom throw parties and 50% of Mac users frequently throw parties. 38% of the PC users claim strong aptitude towards mathematical concepts, while 12% of Mac users are stated to have strong verbal aptitude. 21% of the PC users prefer impressionist art, while most Mac users are design enthusiasts and tend to prefer modern art. About 69% PC users prefer riding Harley instead of a Vespa, while 52% of the Mac users prefer Vespa. About 80% of the Mac users are reported to be vegetarian.

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