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How Is Media Affecting Kids Infographics

How Is Media Affecting Kids Infographics

Children less than the age of 8 in the US spend twice the time on watching TV compared with that of reading books. The most commonly found gadgets in the rooms of these kids are TV, DVD player, video game console and the computers. Even most of the day care centers use TV. When the use of the digital media in these kids is analyzed, watching videos, movies and playing games are the priorities, while educational use of these devices takes a back seat.

Parents, who are eager to bring down the tv watching time in their children and who want to make their children learn about the dangers of social media sites, talk to them regarding it, rely on the kids to come to them in case of problems and apply parental controls. Teachers too agree that use of digital aids has considerably brought down the writing, communication and critical thinking skills. The digital aids are considered to be distractions.

While development of self-esteem can be considered a pro, there are cons like antisocial behaviors, and fallen value of education because of the influence of media. This is a study conducted to analyze the behavior of kids based on the time spent on digital devices.

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