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Halloween Facts Infographic

Halloween Facts Infographic

Here is some stuff that was presented by ornamentshop. A recent study showed that an average person usually spends around seventy nine dollars. However, this varies from one year to another and is purely dependent on the cost of costume, candy, cards and the amount of fun wants to have. The study also showed that around eighty seven million households in the US have the practice of giving out candy. Forty six percent of the retail shops get the highest revenue during this period of the year.

Americans are found to spend a huge amount of money in enjoying their Halloween by purchasing new dresses. Twelve pounds of candy is consumed by each person during this period of the year. Twix, snickers, star burst are some of the highest consumed candies. The percentage of consumption of these candies varies but star burst is found to have a higher consumption rate. Star Trex, walking dead, minions and hunger games are some of the themes of costumes that are top choices of adults during Halloween. Other themes include Iron man, Arrested development, breaking bad archer.

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