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From Stock Boy Shares To Billionaires Infographic

From Stock Boy Shares To Billionaires Infographic

If you have a dream, you should fight for it. You might think that it is impossible to be a billionaire. However, there are a lot of success stories which will tell you that even the humblest of beginnings can lead to great success. One of the biggest examples is Bill Gates. William Henry Gates III (born 28 October 1955 Seattle, Washington, USA), commonly known as Bill Gates, is the co-founder and chairman of Microsoft. He had very humble beginnings, but today, he is among the richest people in the world.

According to the magazine Forbes, in the 2012, he was the second richest man in the world. In 1975, he had founded the company Micro-Soft (which later became Microsoft Corporation) to maintain his version of BASIC, called Microsoft BASIC. This was sold to other companies. The commercial success of the product was the basis of the successful development of the company. In the third year, therefore, Gates decided to leave school and pursue business only. The key breakthrough came at the end of the 70th years, when the company IBM was about to enter the market of personal computers with its IBM PC (listed in 1981). Gates managed to sell IBM enterprise license for the operating system, which was bought from a local computer manufacturer. Operating system MS-DOS later became the de facto standard for personal computers and partnerships with IBM, discontinued practically non-conformities in the development of the operating system OS / 2, Microsoft earned a leading position in the industry.

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