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Email Unsubscribe Infographic

Email Unsubscribe Infographic

Are you sending too many emails? Well surveys conducted recently shows that more than ninety percent of the consumers have unsubscribed while forty percent receive too much of emails. Thirty five percent of the marketers email addresses at least two to three times per month. If you are a marketer then it is necessary that you set expectations and tell the end users when and what they could expect by subscribing for your emails. It is important that you email messages on a consistent basis so that the end user can expect your message on a regular basis. Never change or increase the frequency of sending emails without notifying the end users. This will definitely annoy them and lead them to unsubscribe.

Though there are lots of content that are being sent to end users more than fifty percent of the end users find the content boring while twenty five percent find them irrelevant. Though this needs immediate attention it is important that you do not bombard the end user with lots of content at one go. Introduction to new content should be done on a part by part basis and on frequent basis. If you are running short of content then you can include advices, how to’s, tips and other helpful info.

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