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Educating The President Infographic

Educating The President Infographic

Today the cost of elementary education comes out to be around one hundred and fifty three million dollars. The president of US, Obama studied in Santo Fransiskusassisi catholic school and besuki Elementary school which is located in Jakarta, Indoneasia. He did his course in Punahau Academy in Hawaii.

The cost of private school tuition costs around nine thousand two hundred dollars annually. Surveys conducted to get an idea of the total cost of private schooling comes out to be one hundred and four hundred million dollars. However, the total cost of public schooling is almost nil across the country.

Romney did his pre-schooling in Michigan. The survey on the education cost for the similar education today rounds out to between eighteen thousand to thirty eight thousand dollars per year. However, this also depends on the grades.

Thirty four percent of Americans are graduates and it takes about seven thousand dollars per year for covering the entire expense. The survey also shows that only about ten percent of the American populations are post graduates and three percent contribute to doctorate. Twenty nine percent of the education is obtained from scholarships and student contributions come out to thirty percent.

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