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Don’t Suck At Meetings  Infographic

Don’t Suck At Meetings Infographic

There are many things that should be considered to make any corporate meeting to be successful. The first thing to be taken into account is the expenses involved. However, it is to be understood that different meetings involving different positions of employees, tend to vary in cost, like that of the senior management, team, manager and sales meeting. There are also other factors that make the meeting a complete success, like getting to the point quickly, engagement and involvement of all the members of the meeting, etc. The decks that are presented to the concerned members after the meeting need to be kept short and crisp, so that they are read thoroughly and understood. A short deck should have not more than 1 to 20 pages; Medium deck with 20 to 40 pages; and long deck with over 40 pages. The next thing that should be understood is when to do the follow-up. It would be effective only 13.5% after 5 minutes; 33% after the first hour; 62% on the first day; and 69% after the first two days. The average time spent reading every page of the deck 52 seconds for 1 to 40 pages; 35 seconds for 41 to 50 pages and 10 seconds for 100+ pages.

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