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Cyber Terrorism Infographic

Cyber Terrorism Infographic

Hacking and cyber terrorism is a latest technology which is in demand for people. TheUnited States of America is in need of twenty thousand cyber security experts. The country has around thousand currently. DHS is also in need of young people for fellowships and internship program. Pentagon is also in the process of forming its own workforce. Many of the cyber security experts get recruited by private software industry and the Government is finding it difficult to fill positions. The air force had set up an internship program for higher secondary school graduates but due to many of the laws, this program was later cancelled.

If you see the average age group of hackers you will see that they are predominantly between sixteen and nineteen years of age. The government agencies are trying to ramp up and educate the kids for this course. This is because many of the schools in US are slow and the students do not have up to date knowledge on computers. Obama has stated that schools that focus on science and technology will be rewarded. This will definitely increase the number of IT and security workforce. The US is planning to pour large sum of money in computer security.

It is believed that an entry level hacker earns between fifty to one million dollars per year while a certified hacker gets around eighty million annually.

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