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Career In NFL Infographic

Career In NFL Infographic

The average base salary of individuals employed in NFL is seven million dollars. The average player earns around nine million dollars while they get one million as signing bonus. Tom Bragy earns about seventy two million dollars. Peyton manning receives about thirty million dollars. Mathew Stafford has a earning potential of twenty seven million dollars. Eli Manning earns twenty six million dollars while Phillip Rivers has an earning potential of twenty five million dollars. These figures naturally give you to temptation to become a football player and be a part of the NFL.

Let’s get into details now. NFL stands for national football league. The industry is one of the largest and the highest growing industries in the United States of America. American football continues to be one of most dangerous sports in the market. This is because of the fact that the players are at the risk of injuries and the percentage of risking a heart disease is high. This in turn reduces the average life expectancy of the players. They are exposed to demetia related disorders. Due to these risks, every team has an average of four players in the reserve during the start of the football season.

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