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America’s Early Education Crisis Infographic

America’s Early Education Crisis Infographic

There is indeed an early education crisis that is witnessed in the United States. The issue is that one out of three children in the country enters school, but without those skills that is required for being successful. It is noticed that children coming from the low income neighborhood tend to start their kindergarten about 60% being those, who come from affluent families. Therefore, most of them are not able to catch up with the children who are ahead of them. Jumpstart has come up with a solution to have every child prepare themselves to achieve success in their life. Jumpstart is helped by community and trained college student volunteers, who offer a cost-effective and research based program to the pre-school children, present in the low income neighborhoods. This program is witnessing success, since its inception. However, the challenge is that even after making such efforts in about 31 cities nationwide, there are still over millions of children, requiring a ‘jumpstart’. The potential is that for every $1 invested towards early education does produce a ROI of 10% and it does benefit to the entire society as a whole, in the form of lower crime rates, higher graduation rates and in creating lifetime productivity.

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