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5 Reasons To Teach Kids To Code Infographic

5 Reasons To Teach Kids To Code Infographic

When children are taught about programming and writing codes, they become capable to express themselves in some cool ways. When they are taught to communicate with the machines, they acquire some superpowers. This is not a herculean task after all, and the kids can actually feel it as easy as learning a new language. The kids find it easy to read the concepts and the visual communication of games. This is similar to learning a new language. When learning of different concepts is introduced to kids even in the early age, it benefits in developing their brains. This helps the brain to think better and the kids are able to transform the concepts from the environment to the logical perceptions. Even the first graders learn to code in public schools of Estonia, which is the first country in Europe with DSL in schools, and where Skype originated.

When kids are taught to code at early age, the benefit is that they do not stick to using technology, but create new technology. The job market has more demand for programmers; this will increase drastically in a decade, which means there would be nearly vacant positions of 1 million in programming to be filled up by computer professionals.

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